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Hey! Samuel here.

I’m a content writer and SEO consultant with over six years of experience in creating engaging and high ranking content. I provide freelance content writing and SEO services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small dental office or a leading ecommerce store selling internationally, I’ll help you improve traffic and convert leads.p

Writing and SEO Services

Article Writing



Technical Writing

On-site SEO

Off-site SEO

Ensure your site is more visible and easily discoverable with SEO best practices

  • High ranking keywords
  • Quality meta tags (html tags also available)
  • Image titles, alt texts, and captions
  • Proper keyword density and distribution
  • Effective SEO analysis
  • SEO audits and monitoring
  • Adequate linking strategies
  • competitor keyword analysis
  • Mobile SEO
  • Multi-channel mentions for off-site SEO

Hook your readers from start to finish with engaging content

Writing highly optimized content for search engines is all good and great. But what about writing for humans!

There exists a sweet spot between writing for search engines and humans where both parties come out satiated with your content. I always strive to reach said spot by writing engaging content blended with SEO components. 

Unless its a technical piece, I’ve found that sprinkling some story elements in an article to hook and hold the reader’s attention. So, feel free to share your brand’s story and the characters involved with it for a more personalized content.

Writing and SEO Packages

All article writing and SEO packages come with

  • Title and meta description tags
  • Highlighted keywords
  • Internal and external links
  • Optimized image tags
  • Plagtiiarism detection score
  • AI detection score
  • Grammar check

1 Article

$ 3.55

per 100 words

3 Articles

$ 3.45

per 100 words

5 Articles

$ 3.35

per 100 words

8 Articles

$ 3.25

per 100 words

10 Articles

$ 3.15

per 100 words

15+ Articles

$ 2.85

per 100 words

Who can benefit from SEO content

Businesses and Organizations

Research shows that 80% of consumers research online before making a purchase or investment. companies providing professional services like financial planners and IT consultants can better target prospects using right keywords. Organizations can increase their search engine rank and provide more information to prospects by adding high-quality SEO optimized blog posts.

E-Commerce Stores

In the e-commerce race to attract new customers and improve revenue, organic traffic can be an effective and sustainable way to reach said goals. SEO is a low-cost method of increasing brand awareness, elevating content, and improving user experience in your store. So, take the initiative and leverage eCommerce SEO for the long-term performance of your brand.

Personal Brands and Entreprenuers

SEO, especially off-site SEO, is a great way to enhance your personal brand’s online visibility. As more people rely on social media to discover new products and professional services, you can take advantage of content marketing, social mentions, and local SEO to drive traffic to your site. Creating and sharing high-quality optimized content on your socials is a surefire way to personal brand.

Individuals and Creatives

Authors, artists, graphic designers, producers, innovators, and visionaries can amplify their voices and reach a broader audience with SEO. One such way is by creating content embeded with relevant keywords and phrases that people use to search for your type of creative work. Image and video SEO can also go a long way in helping you increase your online visibility.


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An order below 2000 words will take 24 hours to deliver while orders above 2000 words can take 2-3 days. Once you place an order, you will receive date on when you can expect the article(s).

Yes, the first three revisions on your SEO content are free. Revisions usually take a day to complete.

All articles are formatted to ensure they have zero grammar errors and extremely low plagiarism and AI detection score. Screenshots of plagiarism and AI detection score will be provided.

You don’t have to provide an outline. A title and word count can suffice. However, it is recommended to provide detailed outline on how you want your content written so it can match your branding style and theme. You can attach your outline along with any other specific requirements in your email.

CodeGraphite will not write on political issues, individuals and their personal lives, or any other content considered illegal under applicable law.

Yes, you own all the rights to the content delivered to you. CodeGraphite will reliquish all rights to the articles upon payment confirmation.